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The holy grail of customer engagement and trust is now within the grasp of insurers. 

Consistent high standards of customer experience before, during and at the end of cover 

are needed to compete in public perception with the best of retail. 

Holistic and personalised protection which delivers this is now possible with advances in science and technology, 

and the growth in specialist support services for protection customers.

Insurance Innovation

Connected Cover

Prevention and solutions beat compensation

Tailor group and individual propositions to improve 

engagement, retention, up-selling and claims ratios. 

         Connecting with customers beyond new business:

  • Health & fitness tracker solutions
  • Wellness schemes, platforms, apps
  • Rewards schemes
  • Cover flexing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Support services

Behavioural Economics

Connecting to your customers’ mental short-cuts

Protection with feeling.

Why “Don’t make me think” should drive process design.

Calibrating emotional drivers of choice.

Embedding simplicity and trust.

Reaching New Niche Markets

Innovations to take to market

At-death-expenses cover filling the gaps between funeral plans 

and guaranteed whole life cover.

Distributor-centred white labeled propositions.

Buy-now protection options adapted to context.

Personalised group cover options.

Holistic earnings protection.

Impaired life niches.

Newcomer Consultancy

Path-finding in the protection landscape for insurance suitors

Outlining the market players and drivers.

Identifying the protection opportunities that 

new technologies and services can support.

Networking complementary businesses to make collaborations.

Contact us to see how our ideas or our partners can help you to meet your aspirations for shaping insurance.

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